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In addition to the two titles available to view here the programme included Goodbye Lenin! and Belleville Rendezvous plus a short from the National Library of Scotland which you can watch here: The Coming of the Cameron’s (1944)

The programme was screened to island communities in the Hebrides in the summer of 2021.

Screen Argyll worked with the Artists collective SO:AR to curate the programme of films and activities, building on ideas explored by the SO:AR, including slow media, with knowledge of the past what would you take into the future? How do we process the last 18 months? The films and activities brought communities together and provided a platform for conversation. Keeping activities light in touch and playful, enabling communities and individuals to reflect and discuss ideas, which radiated out into communities, through the shared experience of film.

If you could write yourself a postcard from the future, what would you say?


Film Feels

Edge of the World
1h 14m Drama, History 1938

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